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EightyAI is built for you

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Streamline your work

Embrace the power of AI to predict dish preparation times and streamline your kitchen operations.

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Works with your favourite tools

Effortless integration with leading delivery platforms like Wolt and Foodora.

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Online Reservations Redefined

Let your customers select their meal and pay in advance for a Seamless Dining Experience.

Easy admin

Take the pain out of company admin

Effortlessly oversee all your dining operations with EightyAI. From in-house orders and online reservations to delivery requests, everything is unified in one intuitive dashboard. Plus, gain valuable customer insights to personalize each dining experience, ensuring satisfaction and repeat visits.

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Scale Smartly with EightyAI

Grows with your business

Adapt and grow your business seamlessly with dynamic menu management and sustainable operation tracking.
EightyAI propels your business growth by streamlining operations, deepening customer engagement, and providing actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Customer-centric Platform

Unlock the secret to customer loyalty

EightyAI's unique features are designed to enhance engagement and encourage repeat visits.

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Frequently asked questions

Learn how EightyAI can work for you.

How does EightyAI enhance the efficiency of restaurant operations?

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EightyAI streamlines your entire restaurant workflow, from reservations to orders and delivery, utilizing AI for faster service and better customer experience.

Can EightyAI integrate with my existing restaurant management software?

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No. But EightyAI is designed for seamless migration with most popular restaurant management systems, ensuring a smooth transition.

Is EightyAI suitable for different types of restaurants?

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Yes, EightyAI is versatile and adaptable, making it perfect for various dining establishments, from small cafes to large fine dining restaurants.

How does EightyAI help in understanding and retaining customers?

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EightyAI offers advanced customer insights, tracking preferences and behavior, which helps in creating personalized experiences and fostering loyalty.

What makes EightyAI's online reservation system stand out?

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Our system not only manages reservations but also allows customers to pre-order and pay for their meals, ensuring a streamlined and efficient dining experience.

How does EightyAI ensure data security and privacy?

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We prioritize data security with robust encryption and compliance with data protection regulations, ensuring your and your customers' information is always safe.

Can EightyAI handle large-scale operations for restaurant chains?

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Yes, EightyAI is scalable and can efficiently manage operations for restaurant chains, offering centralized control and uniformity in service.

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